Visiting Mainz

This page is decicated to people that want to visit Mainz and have not much time (e.g. when you are here for business or the city is part of a trip).

When you are in the Rhein-Main Area (second largest metropolitan region in Germany, with a total population exceeding 5.8 million with the larger urban zones Frankfurt am Main, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden and Mainz) it’s worth to stop by in Mainz, even for one day or evening. Since we are hosting a lot of Pentaho trainings in Mainz with international people, I decided to write about some famous places here. Please be aware that this is a pure subjective list and nevertheless I hope this will make Mainz a beautiful place to remember.

Short Facts about Mainz

Mainz (population is around 200.000) is located at the nice Rhine river and about 30 minutes by train from Frankfurt/Main, close to the Airport and has a very cosy old town (Altstadt) located around the marketplace (Marktplatz) with the Mainz Cathedral (Mainzer Dom) and Augustinerstraße with a lot of restaurants, small shops and wine taverns. When construction works take place, a lot of ancient things (like roman ships) can still be found.

Links: Official Site, Wikipedia, Mainz Old Town

Restaurants, Wine taverns

  • Heilig Geist is a very nice location situated in a converted medieval hospital church with gothic vaults. It get’s crowded after 8pm and coming in there at around 6pm is a good choice. Reservations are not accepted with the exception of groups with more than 10 people.
  • Zum Beichtstuhl is a very small wine tavern with Mainzer gastronomic specialties (see below). Since this is very small one, only a small group of people should go there or ask for reservation, but its worth to go there.
  • Dr. Flotte is a local wine restaurant in the middle of the old town. You will find often some seats here when it is a little bit later.
  • Bastion von Schönborn (Mainz-Kastel) has a beautiful view to Mainz from the opposite side of the Rhine river (sunset-time and nice weather is the best combination for choosing this one!). Go to the first floor or sit outside and remember to reserve.
  • Pieter van Aemstel (Restaurant ship, Mainz-Kastel) is next to the Bastion von Schönborn and an alternative. (I have not been there for a while, but definitively it’s a nice view.)
  • Eisgrub-Bräu is suitable for those that want to drink some self brewed beer.

Regional Gastronomic Specialities

Worth to Visit (small selection)

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