Pentaho Community Meeting PCM17 – Call for Collectibles

Just in case you don’t know, yet: Pentaho Community Meeting PCM17 celebrates its 10th anniversary this November (10th through 13th) with a 3-days event full of presentations and networking. And it-novum has the honor to host the event together with Pentaho. Read more over here: PCM17 and FAQ

Well, and I’m sure you already know this additional great news from last month already: Pentaho is now part of Hitachi Vantara. And if you want to know what will happen with the Pentaho community, read Pedro Alves blog: Hello Hitachi Vantara!

So, back to PCM17: It will take place in Mainz where everything started in 2008. I’m very excited about this, since it will be the same location, just much bigger(!) rooms. And I’m happy to assist and do things here and there, just as I did back in 2008. The difference is: Back in 2008, I organized it almost all on my own and this time we have so many helping hands, it’s amazing!

Here is a short status: We already have the agenda filled up with talks and, this is the first time ever, we added technical short talks on Friday together with the Hackathon. There are so many nice things to tell, we will make it possible! And, we got the highest number of attendees ever. Stay tuned for the final numbers. We will make it happen, anyone will be in.

So there is no Call for Presentations anymore, sorry… but, there is a Call for Collectibles. I explain why and what this is:

Since about two years, I’m a member of the non-profit organization GO for Tansania e.V. supporting The Brilliant Pre-Primary and Primary School in Tanzania. This school teaches children in the poorest families of Tanzania, many of whom are orphans. It is financed mainly through donations of the annual fundraising run at the Gymnasium Mainz-Oberstadt school and further donations.

To support this non-profit organization, we will do an auction on Saturday evening with a lot of nice Pentaho collectibles. BTW: Since Pentaho is now part of Hitachi Vantara, this might be even more interesting to get some of these 🙂

Here are two highlights what we already have for the auction:

#1 The Pentaho table-cloth that you see on the picture of the first Pentaho community meeting in 2008:

#2 The Pentaho flag that was on the entrance of the first event:

Furthermore, we have scratch books, blank DVDs all with the nice Pentaho logo.

Call for Collectibles: Please bring what you have and what you want to donate via the auction to support children in Tanzania.

If you have something but are not able to attend the event, it would be great when you could send it over to me. Please contact me. We will make sure your name will be on the „Walk of fame“ of donors 🙂

Thanks a lot and stay tuned for more …

And just in case you are not registered, yet for the 10th Pentaho Community Event, here you find everything you need to know, check it out: PCM17 and FAQ

Looking forward to see you in Mainz!



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