Carte as a Windows Service

Carte is a simple web server that allows you to execute transformations and jobs remotely and execute transformations clustered. Carte is normally started with a .bat file within Windows environments but there are some use cases to run Carte as a Windows Service, e.g.:

  • When Carte instances are running using a command window, anyone by mistake could close the instance and Carte will go down.
  • The Carte.bat command window is tied to the user session that called the batch file and needs to be kept logged in.
  • With a Windows Service you can start the Carte service at machine startup and also configure it to restart after a crash.

After you completed the instructions on the Pentaho Wiki, you are able to get Carte running as a Windows service like this:


It is also possible to get a system tray


to get the console output of Carte like this after the initial start of the Windows service:


The console gets the same information as you get via the browser when you logged into carte, e.g. after the execution of the sample transformation:


Many thanks for the developers of YAJSW (Yet Another Java Service Wrapper) for this great solution to wrap Java programs as a service and to Dan to bring this to my attention.

More details can be found on the Pentaho Wiki: Carte as a Windows Service

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